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Carol Ridgers

   Performance Coaching


I had been working for large companies in the public and private sector for the last ten years and felt the need for a career change. With three very different options in mind, but not knowing which one to choose, I was confused and needed someone independent to talk them through with, to give me clarity of thought.

I found Carol through the Life Coach directory online and had an initial chat with her over the phone to find out more about what was involved. It sounded exactly what I was looking for.

At our meetings Carol listened to me and challenged me by asking lots of questions, often they were difficult questions I hadn’t considered before. She supported me to come to my own decisions, never putting words into my mouth or trying to influence my choices. We always agreed on a manageable list of actions at the end of each session. I enjoyed this approach because it made me feel like I was taking small steps towards my end goal and it kept me motivated. I always felt at ease with Carol and able to trust that whatever we spoke about was confidential.

By the end of my sessions I felt clear, confident and happy in my decision to leave my 9-5 job and set up my own business. Meeting Carol really has been the catalyst to me taking this step. I don’t think I would have had the courage to do it without the benefit of the coaching sessions. I needed someone to give me a gentle push in the right direction and occasionally some tough love too!

Lucy -

"What a difference it makes to talk to someone who actually listens without

judging - thank you!"

Client - North Wales

"After thiking about the same thing for so long I actually made the decision to do something about it and change my life"

Client - Chester

"After doubting myself, talking through my options made me realise my potential that was actually there all the time"

Client - Surrey